As we march towards a new day, we face one of the biggest challenges - to make a choice! The choices go on to define us. The choices made by us are like moulds that give us shape. These moulds harden up over time in the heat of societal pressures, peer pressures and self-imposed pressures. Most of the times, the pressures are so constricting that what remains of us is just ashes and smoke- what we also know as ifs and buts. Some of the times the pressures are so high that the mould cracks open and we fall apart choking and grasping for another drop of life. 

Then, there are those rare times when we poke holes in this mould and look outside. We see the rays of hope streaming in through these holes and start believing that we can make a change, a change that will lead to a better mould, a better self! We breathe in this fresh intake of hopefulness and start making the changes one choice at a time. As we make these choices, we realize that the mould is a part of us. It becomes the skin that breathes fresh life into us. It becomes the face that we are proud to look at in the mirror of time. It becomes us, as we always dreamt to be!

Time to make the choice...
Collage made using magazine prints.


  1. Choices and Hope.. very powerful and one of the most precious gifts of being human. My choice has led me here.. and I hope it helps in whichever way to shape a better me. :)



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